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Juniors Cup 2020 (DE)

Due to the Covid pandemic, we are unable to host an international competition this year. This is why there will be no Scoot or Die 2020. In these times, it would be irresponsible to gather people from all over Europe in only one place for our event.

But since it was also a tough year for the scooter scene, we decided to host a much smaller and local competition instead. This competition is exclusively for non-professional riders and will take place on 25. and 26. September will take place at Wicked Woods Wuppertal. We have prepared a safe and well thought-out concept that is in accordance with all the recommendations of the German government, so we will have a great time.

Our local partner will organize the competition itself as well as the ticket sales.

Here you can find more information about the event and buy a ticket.

Please also pay attention to our Facebook-Kanal, where you will also find all information about the event.

Doors open on Friday 25.09.20 at 15:00
Doors open on Saturday 26.09.20 at 10:00 am for 12-13 years
Doors open on Saturday 26.09.20 at 14:30 for 14-17 years

Wicked Woods
Langobardenstrasse 65
42277 Wuppertal