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beast v2


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A work of art in the high-end range of Chilli Pro Scooter

The unique 4-D forged One Piece headtube-downtube construction, equipped with an edgeless aluminium fork and a narrow 2-bolt M8 clamp, make the Beast V2 a real piece of art in the high-end category of Chilli The combination of neochrome and matt black optics makes the scooter look elegant and aggressive at the same time. The Beast V2 has a light aluminium T-bar, a unique well-balanced deck design and 110 mm turbo wheels As with all other Chilli Scooters, the wheels can easily be exchanged with 120 mm wheels, only the brake needs to be replaced.

Chilli Chapter Riders Choice
Level Pro
Deck to T-Bar 78 cm / 30.7 inch
Total 85 cm / 33.46 inch
Weight 3.5 kg / 7.72 lb
Deck details
Material 6061 Aluminum
Length 50 cm / 19.68 inch
Width 11.5 cm / 4.52 inch
T-Bar details
Material 6061 Aluminum
Height 61 cm / 24 inch
Width 58 cm / 22.83 inch
Wheel details
Material PU 88A
Size 110 mm / 4.33 inch
Bearings ABEC 9
Wheel fork 6061 Aluminum
Clamp 2-Bolt
Compression system Chilli Spider HIC