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EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP ISF / SCOOT OR DIE – General Terms and Conditions 

 1. General 

This year’s European Championship in Stunt Scooter Riding of the ISF – International Scooter Federation – is organized in cooperation with Chilli Pro Scooter AG and Micro Mobility Systems AG – based in Switzerland and Fun4u Sportproduktion GmbH – based in Germany. The host of the event series which takes place in Switzerland, Holland, Czech Republic and Germany is the Micro Mobility Systems AG, hereinafter referred to as MMS AG. The following general terms and conditions include all processes that are necessary for the execution of the European Championship. 

2. Liability and Risk 

MMS AG disclaims all liability for accidents, injuries, death, theft, and damages of any kind. By purchasing a ticket for participation, you agree that participation in such an event may involve risks, property damage and injuries and confirm that you agree to assume this risk and liability. Each participant or their legal representative is responsible for their own liability, MMS AG is not responsible for any liability. Furthermore, the insurance coverage is the responsibility of the participant.  

3. Registration and Payment Conditions 

The participation fee of 100 EUR or 75 EUR is due once upon registration. The fee can be paid via Paypal or credit card, an extension of the payment period is not possible. By purchasing a ticket, the registration is binding in any case. Further costs, e.g. for the entrance to the respective Park, are not included in these costs and have to be paid by the participant. 

4. Refund of participation Fees 

The participation fee of 100 EUR or 75 EUR cannot be refunded. The refund is also not possible if the cancellation is not self-inflicted, such as illness or accident of the participant. It is also not possible to participate in another event without paying the participation fee again. 

5. Use of the Facilities of third Parties 

All qualifications, including the European Championship, will take place on third party parks. It is the participant’s responsibility to comply with the regulations of the respective parks and to inform themselves about the regulations. The respective park facilities are partly equipped with video cameras or other security devices, which are used for the protection of all participants, but will not be published. In addition, the instructions of the event organization must be followed in order to minimize any risks. 

6.Protective Equipment

Wearing a helmet during your own run is mandatory. Further protective equipment for the participants is recommended for the protection of all. In case of non-compliance with the mandatory wearing of helmets, the organizer is allowed not to let the rider participate. However, in case of an accident, any liability will be rejected by the host. 

7. Children and Teenagers 

Children and teenagers under the age of eighteen must have the consent of their parents or a legal guardian to participate. The consent is given by accepting the terms and conditions, by submitting the liability disclaimer and by purchasing the ticket. 

8. Ratings oft he Judges 

The judges, who evaluate the riders, are only experienced, impartial people, who evaluate the riders to the best of their knowledge and belief. The host reserves the right that the evaluation of the judges cannot be contested. 

9. Cancellation of an event 

If an event has to be cancelled due to external influences beyond the organizer’s control, the participation fee cannot be refunded. 

10. Data Privacy and Protection 

Your personal data that you provide for registration purposes on our website will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties, with the exception of the data for the fulfillment of the contract – such as names and rankings – and the data for payment processing. Furthermore, the host reserves the right to make recordings – photos and videos – of the respective event to be published online. With the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions, the publication of the above data is agreed. 

11. Applicability of the General Terms and Conditions 

With the purchase of a ticket you agree to the currently valid General Terms and Conditions for the period of all events. However, we as the host reserve the right to adapt the General Terms and Conditions at any time, especially if it is required by law or if there is a necessity for the business transaction. 

12. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction 

These General Terms and Conditions as well as all other agreements between the contracting parties are subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes in connection with the European Championship is the registered office of MMS AG currently in Küsnacht ZH, Switzerland.