Saturday, 18.+19.08.2023

Finals of the European Championship 2023
The top 10 from the qualifiers will compete against each other to become the European Champion. The top 10 (Street) and top 16 (Other) qualify for the 2023 World Championships.


Timetable Friday, 18.08.2023

XXL Funpark
Industriestraße 10, 99974 Mühlhausen,

Start – Juniors

Start – Women’s Park

Price Ceremony

Timetable Saturday, 19.08.2023

XXL Funpark
Industriestraße 10, 99974 Mühlhausen,

Start – Seniors

Start – Street

Start – Mens Park

Price Ceremony

Contest Divisions

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– All riders of all ages.
Women’s Park
– All women riders of all ages.

– All non pro riders 15 and younger (Flow-Riders allowed).
– All non pro riders 16 and older (Flow-Riders allowed).
Mens Park*
– All riders who have or had a Pro Rider contract.

* Qualification for this division is only possible on the other other events.

Q&A – Questions and Answers

Until when can I buy a ticket?

The ticket purchase is possible until Wednesday, 09.08.2023.

From which country can I register?

You would need to have a European passport/driving license or something official to prove your permanent residence.

What is the entry age?

The age at qualification counts for the whole competition series.
Example: If you qualify as a 15 year old but turn 16 before the final, you still compete as a 15 year old.

What are the registration costs?
You pay only once, 75€ or 100€ depending on the division. If you qualify, you will not have to pay any further costs in the final.

If you want to participate in another qualification, you have to pay the registration fee again.

Will there be an entrance fee at the event?

On location it can be that an entrance fee must be paid, for visitors as well as riders.

Is registration for multiple events possible?

It is possible to register for more than one event.

What must I show when registering on location?

Next to the confirmation, the disclaimer must be printed and signed. You are not able to participate without this document.

How long is a run?

In each division you have 60 seconds to show your best tricks.

How to qualify for the finals?

The top 10 in each division will qualify for the final round in Germany, which will be run on 18.+19.08.2023 (Depending on the division, see here).

What is the Golden Ticket?

The first place in each division automatically wins a Golden Ticket, which qualifies you directly for the World Championship.

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