Benescoot: Belgian/Dutch Championship

Benescoot is a renowned initiative launched by the brands TSL Brand, SD-Scooters and WeAR. These three brands have deep local roots and have been supporting the scooter scene in Belgium and the Netherlands in a variety of ways for years.

Activities include the organisation of the Belgian-Dutch championships and other major events such as the BANGโ‚ฌR$ Jams and the WeAR Ramp Masters. These events have become firm favourites in the scooter community and attract participants and spectators from both countries.

We are particularly proud of our role as sponsor of the BENE Cup. This year, our rider Jesse Bust took 3rd place in the Pro category. Jesse is once again one of the best riders in the country and impressively demonstrates the strength and talent of our community.

04. – 05.05.2024