ISF X Chilli – European Championship – Germany 2023

The last step of our Journey hosting the European Championship finally took place 19th to the 20st of August 2023. All Riders which qualified in the divisons Juniors, Seniors and Men’s Park were excited to finally show of their skills to see who will qualify for the Worldchampionship in Australia ! Since there are not many Street Riders or Female Riders, those two divisions were an open Qualifiation directly in Germany. But of course also the best of the best qualified for the Worldchampionship in Australia.

The Event was huge, the crowd was so excited and the weather was also on our side. Our Speakers Dustin and Moses went all in for hosting the big final and the Mens Park Division and surprised us by wearing suits. That’s what we call real passion for the job at over 30 degrees, thank you guys!

Everyone who was not able to participate the event, or did not had the chance to watch the livestream, it’s still available on Youtube :

Livestream Friday:
Livestream Saturday:
Livestream Price Ceremony:

If you wonder, which riders performed their best, check out the official Livescore Site:

Juniors – Top 19 qualified for the WM
Seniors – Top 19 qualified for the WM
Street – Top 11 qualified for the WM
Women’s Park – Top 6 qualified for the WM
Men’s Park – Top 17 qualified for the WM

Australia, watch out, Team Chilli is on it’s way !!

18.08.2023 – 19.08.2023