ISF X Chilli – European Championship – Qualification Netherlands 2023

The next Qualification for the European Championship took place on 08th of July in the Netherlands. This time in the Area 51 Park in Eindhoven. This park is well known for it’s big ramps and fantastic atmosphere. The weather was fantastic, but almost a little bit too hot. Our Riders as well as our Hosts had quite a hot time with almost 40 degrees in the Park. But still our Host Dustin and Moses were able to heat up the crowd a little bit more.

Our Riders performed great as usual, even though not a Chilli Rider made it to the first place. Our Rider Jesse Bust from the Netherlands made it to the second place which is a fantastic achievement, well done Jesse!!!

If you were not able to see the event live, you can still watch the aftermovie right here:

We are already looking forward tot he preformence of Jesse at the EM, fingers crossed!!