BBC Sarstedt – Biggest Banger Contest 2023

The „Sketchy Place“ skate park in Sarstedt is undoubtedly one of the most popular freestyle parks in Germany. Well-known YouTubers such as Kiran Reese regularly use the park for their videos. We recently organised an event in the park together with various brands, which is a great sign of cohesion from the German core scene.

One notable highlight of the day is particularly worth mentioning, as the Chilli Pro Scooter brand impressively demonstrated how reliable their products are. Oscar Larsen, the reigning European champion in the Seniors category, was present and attempted an extremely special trick – a double frontflip. Unfortunately, his deck, which came from another brand, broke on the second attempt.

Our Speaker from Chilli was hosting the event and grinned. He took the opportunity and mentioned; that this would not have happened with a chilli scooter. Determined to master the trick, Oscar borrowed a scooter from a visitor – of course, it was a chilli scooter. In short form: Oscar tried the trick with the chilli scooter seven more times and actually managed it. Thanks to our high-quality scooters, Oscar ended up winning the competition!