Chilli Jam Skills Park 2022 (CH)

On 10.12.2022, we are organising an event with Chilli in the Skills Park for the first time. From 12:00 – 18:00 we have rented the Jump Park and will try out something completely new there.

There will be a contest that you have never experienced before. Two riders compete against each other in the „knockout“. The better one advances, the loser is eliminated, until the two best riders compete against each other in the final.

There will be cash prizes worth 350,00 CHF.
A contest format that is combined with fun!

So that the kids do not go away empty-handed, there will be a best trick for the „Fröschlis“ (without sponsor).
Anyone who shows a cool trick gets a little something.

Registration is free and on site.
You only pay the entrance fee for the hall.

See you soon!