Stunt Scooter Parts by Chilli

Wheels, T-Bars, Decks, Clamps, Forks, Spacer, Griptapes… the list can be continued as desired. At Chilli there is every impart and spare part for your stunt scooter. Are your wheels too small or the deck too wide? Is your griptape worn out or your bar bent? No problem, we have everything in the best, usual chilli quality for a fair course. For us, this naturally includes comprehensive consultation on the phone, so that everything fits in the end. Stunt Scooter Parts as long as the eye can see.


Chilli Stunt Scooter Wheels are available in 100mm, 110mm, 120mm and special 120mm Fat Wheel


The Chilli Stunt Scooter Handles are available in the standard length of 14cm and XL length of 17cm


To grind on rails, handrails
or other edges
– Pegs of Chilli


The Chilli Griptape is one of the most commonly purchased parts. It gives the rider a good and safe grip


The Clamps are available in HIC, SCS and SCS oversized compression system and in your color


Our forks are milled from an aluminum block CNC and for 100mm, 110mm and 120mm wheels


Chilli Stunt Scooter T-Bars are made from the materials Chromoly or high quality aluminum


The processing of the best materials and engineering at a high level – Chilli decks are unmistakable and unmistakable


Brakes are available in different finishes and are suitable for all wheels in 100 – 120mm


The intergratet headsets enable an optimal, easy rotation of the fork and the T-Bar


Here you will find all spacers in different colors and best
Chilli quality


With the patented SPIDER, you no longer need special or oversized components