chilli pro scooter


Quality is our top priority

All our products are tested by our Rider team before entering the market.
From driving behavior in the park and on the road to complete shredding – new products are put through their paces by our riders. Only when our professionals are 100% convinced of a scooter is it good enough for our customers.

We only use high-quality, tested and proven materials.
Chilli stunt scooters are characterized by an exceptionally high quality and durability. We only use carefully selected materials. New products undergo a strict quality control system with various test procedures at every stage of development and production. This ensures all requirements for national and international safety standards.

We take the feedback of our customers to heart.
Based on valuable customer feedback from all over the world, we try to tailor our products to the specific market needs. The continuous optimization of our scooters is an important pillar in our product development process.


For the beginners.


For beginners and pros.

Riders Choice

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