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stands for absolute passion for stunt scootering and 100% support for the sport. We founded Chilli in 2010 with the goal of developing a high-end stunt scooter lineup for all ages and skill levels. From children’s stunt scooters to professional stunt scooters, everything is there. To this day, research, development, testing and design is spent day in, day out to build always better and better stunt scooters.

To help you find the perfect scooter, we have divided Chilli into different chapters, which make orientation in the scooter jungle much easier. From the youngsters for the little experts to the Allstars, who are suitable for all levels, to the Riders Choice. Scooter from the riders for the riders. Genuine professional material – made by Chilli.

Our bestseller models, such as the Chilli Reaper, the Chilli 5000 or the Chilli 3000, you can buy in our country-specific online shops and get it conveniently delivered to your home. Of course, there is still a telephone consultation and excellent customer service on top.

Team Rider

They are among the best,
are constantly creating even more incredible tricks.


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Chilli Chapter

We have decided to divide our scooters into different chapters. From beginner to professional, there is something for everyone.
Only the best Chilli material.


For all Beginners


For Beginners and Pros

Riders Choice

From the Riders. For the Riders.


Passion for the sport


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