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NEW: Critter

Breaking boundaries with unique abilities.

NEW: Reaper Reloaded V2 - Poker

Pokerfaced Limited Edition Reaper Reloaded V2 with hybrid components.


The beginner stunt scooter for budding professionals.

Base S

The perfect beginner stunt scooter for the little ones.

Reaper Reloaded V2

High-end street scooter for experienced riders.


100% Street

Rider NEWS

ISF World Scooter Championship 2022

Our riders Archie Cole and Maty Pekarek travelled to the US – with great success!!!

Welcome Jay

Welcome to the team!

Welcome Harvey

Welcome to the team!

Welcome Niklas

Welcome to the team!

Welcome Sean

Welcome to the team!

Welcome Jesse

Welcome to the team!

Chilli Country Battle – 2022