Reaper Reloaded V2


Closed blunt plate, perfect for tricks like the blunt stall

A hybrid stunt scooter ideal for the park and on the street

Extra stable flutted park deck for big air stunts


Pokerfaced limited edition Reaper Reloaded V2

The REAPER RELOADED V2 shows its opposite sides not only in the design elements. As a hybrid stunt scooter between park, street and freestyle, it skillfully combines all technical features. The scooter is perfect for advanced riders and professionals. The unique pokerface design is applied manually in a complex process, which is why the model is only available in limited edition. The special 12.5 x 50 cm box-shaped deck with ribbed inner profile and the reinforcement of the «front and rear ends», offer the possibility to mount Chilli accessories such as pegs. Due to the geometric harmony, the REAPER RELOADED V2 looks very agile and hungry for stunts. The sturdy chrome-moly Street T-bar, a narrow aluminum fork, 120 mm Hollow Core Wheels and the Pro Spider HIC compression system make the REAPER RELOADED V2 a real masterpiece!

Hint: The T-bar should be at navel height or only slightly above when standing on the scooter.

General Information
Chapter Allstar
Skill Level Advanced & Pros
Deck to T-Bar 77 cm / 30.31 inch
Total Height 85 cm / 33.46 inch
Total Weight 3.8 kg / 8.37 lb
Deck Details
Length 50 cm / 19.68 inch
Width 12.5 cm / 4.92 inch
Material 6061 Aluminum
T-Bar Details
Height 60 cm / 23.62 inch
Width 60 cm / 23.62 inch
Material 4130 Chromoly Steel
Wheel Details
Size 120 mm / 4.72 inch
Bearing ABEC 9
Material PU 88A
Other Specifications
Fork 7005 Aluminum
Clamp 2-Bolt Aluminum
Compression System Chilli Spider HIC
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Art. 117-24 | EAN: 7630053553142

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