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Material: PP/Fiber/TPR

Passend fΓΌr alle Chilli Modelle

scooter stand

Perfect for parking your scooter in a way that protects materials

  • Space saving parking of yur scooter
  • in a subtle chilli design
  • No more scooters lying around
General Informations
Width 20 cm
Material PP / Fiber / TPR
Weight 220 g
Colour black/red

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Art. CMD0001 | EAN: 7630053552510


  • Quality, due to our long experience we are able to meet a high quality standard
  • 100% Chilli, our products honor their brand name
  • Team spirit, we are authentic and use all our different skills
  • Variety, we trust ourselves to experiment and therefore offer a great variety of products
  • Commitment to the sport, promoting talented riders of all skill levels

Founded 2010

Global brand

High quality

Passion for sport

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