Extreme Barcelona 2022

A great event organized by Worldskate was the Extreme Barcelona on September 17- 18.

The Extreme Barcelona is known by many freestyle athletes who compete in either BMX, Skateboarding or Stunt Scooter Riding.
Of course Archie Cole didn’t miss the opportunity and competed in the category «Park».

As usual Archie convinced the judges with impressive technical skills and made it into the top 5 ; well done Archie!

If you still want to watch his runs or the riders of another category, you can do so in the Youtube videos below:

Scooter Park –
Scooter Street –

And if you just want to watch Archie’s runs, just fast forward to the following time stamps:
First Run by Archie Cole on 17:56
Second Run by Archie Cole on 34:50

17.09.2022 – 18.09.2022