Scoot GB 2022 (UK)

Already since 9 years Scoot GB is one of the most important Contests in the Stunt Scooter industry held in the UK.

In the last couple of years, many Riders from different Brands – as well as our Chilli Riders – participated as well to afterwards perform on the World Stage.

At this year’s Scoot GB, of course, the entire UK Chilli Rider team did their best and made it to the final, by the way; there was no other team that could fully qualify.
Therefore it’s a huge sucess how our UK Team performed in the Finals and we are proud to present their Rankings in the Pro/Elite Category:

4. Harvey Perkins

8. Noah Tiller

20. Archie Cole

23. Jay Sweet

28. Alfie Shaw

Of course you can check out all further details about this Event on the official Scoot GB website, as well as all the results.

Well done Team UK, huge Shout out for this big success!